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I consult women in transformation of their personal and business lives from painful to profitable using the mystical power of language & metaphysics.

YOUR LANGUAGE IS YOUR POWER! Discover your authentic self, empower your personal and professional livelihood, find sense in your life and be guided by the unseen with help from a metaphysical minister. If you are seeking to know yourself on a level which you can transcend your ordinary life, share your transformation and make an impact on the world then you are in the right place. You have found your people.

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Hey Goddess!

Are you ready to stand in your expertise, share your story of transformation with the world, and create the exact, desired life of freedom you dream of?

Together, we will discover your uniqueness and enhance how you see yourself through understanding your name, words, letters, and numbers in your life. My main mission as a metaphysician is to use knowledge of universal principles to guide you in the remembering of the inner goddess. I would love to help you transcend ordinary by providing customized mentorship tailored specific to you. 

I have assisted 1000’s of women with conquering their inner adversaries & moving them from a victim to victory mindset through my Akashic Record Readings, the 13 step Self Realization of a Goddess Tour/Online Course, Self Realization of a Goddess Mentorship Program, and the Command Your Throne Business Conference.

Let me help you find the confidence to become the version of yourself that you’ve never been but would like to be. 

Work with me

I transformed from a USPS Business Solutions Specialist to a nationally known metaphysical teacher, speaker, author and mentor. Here’s how I can help you.

A business/metaphysical mentorship program that provides guidance for women entrepreneurs who would like to speak, teach & travel for a living. You’ll transform the most impactful parts of your life journey and craft them into opportunities for getting paid to speak. It’s the  metamorphosis from speaking in your expertise for free to the evolution of a paid & traveling speaker, author, digital course creator and beyond.

The Self Realization of a Goddess course is an online empowerment school for women who are ready to go through the mental process of spiritual maturity. This course is for the woman who desires to see their whole self, radically love their entire life’s experiences and create the life they truly desire from this point on. Self Realization is where healing begins.

Would you love to have a deeper understanding of the world within you and around you? Would you like to access to information that could help transform you in all aspects of life? Accessing the Akashic Records of your name could be just the thing you need to step into your most authentic power and manifest your true potential.

Consult With A Professional Metaphysician

Have you been feeling stuck lately? Maybe you’ve been trying to get past mental blockages but haven’t had any luck. Get personalized guidance from an experienced metaphysician who can understand your goals and provide actionable, energetic advice that will help you reach them.


Not Sure Where To Start? Grab the free 9 Step Speaker Blueprint

Are you feeling overwhelmed and unsure about the best steps to take towards turning your pain into profit? We’ve got you covered! Download the 9 step speaker blueprint to get a clear roadmap that takes you from painful to profitable.

You Found Your People If This Sounds Like You?

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Student Testimonials

Some love words from Marla

Student Testimonials

Some love words from Brittany


The revealing of my name, birthdate and time reminded me of my purpose which helped me feel more comfortable and confident with moving forward.
Mom Specialist
If your brain was a computer infected with malware, then she can definitely hand you the antivirus. I feel like she went in and helped me delete whatever was keeping me from greatness.
Digital Marketing Strategist
This was a transformation for me. Rev Kimesha has helped me recognize myself and move towards my business goals by getting out of my own way.
Womb Care Specialist

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