Do You Need Credentials To Be A Public Speaker?

The Power of Credentials: Unpacking the True Meaning and Benefits


Do You Need Credentials To Be A Public Speaker?


Have you ever asked yourself, “What exactly is a credential?” Or perhaps wondered why credentials are so important and how they impact your career?

In essence, the term ‘credential’ originates from the Latin word ‘credentia’, which means ‘believe’. We generally view credentials as official documents or certificates, affirming our qualifications or states of being. Indeed, they often incline others to think highly of us due to our proven abilities or experiences.

When you aspire to get booked as a speaker, for instance, credentials could be a pivotal determining factor. However, it’s essential to note that securing speaking opportunities primarily entails making your audience believe in your story and abilities. Ironically, this aligns with the original Latin meaning of credential — ‘believe’.


Building Trust Online

Your journey towards garnering speaking engagements often begins on social media platforms. Here, you must strive to establish credibility by building a ‘know, like, and trust’ factor with your audience.

For instance, aspiring metaphysicians commonly inquire on acquiring a metaphysics degree. To that effect, I recommend enrolling in a course at the University of Metaphysics, where I completed my Master’s. There, students typically undergo a series of Q&A sessions and write comprehensive papers depending on the desired degree level.

However, one can earn a degree and still struggle to cultivate a following online or build trust in person. It’s proof that, while important, a degree or credential doesn’t make you an overnight sensation.

Show Your Receipts

To bolster trust with your audience, you must showcase your achievements and transformations. Giving your audience tangible evidence of your abilities to add value often proves far more convincing than simply explaining them. Therefore, your first focus should be on obtaining the actual receipts — this includes pictures, videos, and testimonials of your skills and transformations.

Eventually, as you attract more interest and gain more engagement from your audience, the monetary capabilities will follow. The common adage rings true — ‘money follows attention’.

“People are looking for an actual physical image of you going from this to that.”

Engaging Professionally

Getting booked to speak involves more than just appealing to your audience. You also need to connect with potential partners and host parties that can finance and facilitate your speaking commitments. To be effective here, it’s essential to understand that speaking is about sales.

In this context, your job involves convincing others of your value enough for them to be willing to invest in your experience and knowledge. Then, once you’ve built an audience, you might then incline towards obtaining a more formal, recognizable credential.

The Value of Formal Credentials

While it’s essential to focus on building an audience first, there’s no denying the value of formal credentials when it comes to growing your speaking career.

Prestigious Associations

When you approach high-level organizations for speaking opportunities, having a prestigious title or credential can give you a significant advantage. A doctorate or PhD title commands more attention, inherently giving the impression that you are someone important and significant in your field.

Search Engine Optimization

Another advantage of being linked to a recognized institution or organization is increased visibility online. An organization with a high-ranking website can improve your website’s Google ranking as well. Websites linked to high-ranking ones are bumped up by Google’s algorithm, increasing their visibility.

The Balancing Act


In conclusion, while the traditional certification might not be the most important starting point for an emerging speaker, it certainly becomes increasingly relevant as your reach expands. Hence, the journey to becoming a successful speaker is a balancing act that leans first towards building an audience and then towards obtaining formal credentials.

In the upcoming three-day event, we will dive deeper into these topics — how to get your audience to buy in, building trust in the online sphere and the various ways of leveraging credentials. It’s an opportunity you don’t want to miss if you aim to excel in the speaking industry. Your transformation awaits you.

“Change your mind, and your world will follow.”

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