How do I find my soul purpose in life?

Your Gift Will Make Room for You – An Uplifting Conversation

Have you ever heard the saying, “Your gift will make room for you”? It’s a scripture from the Bible (Proverbs 18:16) and it holds a powerful message many people overlook. Your gifts pave the way for your success, but you must make room for them!

In this blog post, we delve into the power of accepting and harnessing your gifts and understanding their routes through unbeatable experiences and insightful revelations.

Accepting Your Gifts

Your gifts can open the door to stunning opportunities, providing a vessel for personal growth and empowerment. The catch though? You must be ready to embrace them. If you squander your gifts or deny their existence, they become stagnant and unproductive.

Discovering your gifts is not always straightforward journey. The universe often provides subtle signs and nudges, leading you gently towards them.

“I did not simply wake up one day with the sudden desire to interpret people’s names for a living. My path towards this realization was a surprise and a confirmation from the universe that I had a unique gift.”

You can also explore the BlaQ Fire Nation YouTube channel to delve more into the hub of esoteric wisdom that comes from understanding words.

Make Room For Your Gift

After you’ve identified your gift, the next step is to create a space for it in your life. This involves nurturing your gift, honing its edges, and ultimately applying it in your life and career.

What’s key here is accepting any external confirmation or feedback you receive about your gift. From a metaphysical perspective, this represents masculine energy.

“Masculine energy is not a bad thing. It merely confirms what’s happening on the inside. It gives you external confirmations and nudges that guide you and validate your gifts.”

The Impact of Denying Your Gifts

The consequences of denying your gifts can be severe. As the speaker puts it, you’re “denying the very thing that was instilled in you in order for you to sustain yourself”. This is an important point to dwell on – dismissing your gifts equates to devaluing an essential part of yourself. A ‘lightworker’, a term used for those who use their gifts to uplift humanity, can only fulfill their purpose when they fully embrace and utilize their gifts.

Looking into the etymology of the word ‘job’ can also provide perspective on how pivoting away from a ‘job’ and towards exercising your gifts can lead to a more fulfilling life. Exploring original meanings of everyday words can give you a new lens to see things differently.

Confirmation from Others: A Sign of Your Gift

When your purpose aligns with your divine gifts, it’s not uncommon for other people to unconsciously pick upon it. This often surfaces in dreams where others see you performing tasks related to your gift. When others dream about you doing something that you believe is your gift, consider it a sign from the universe that you’re on the right track.


Staying Committed to Your Gift

Staying committed to your gift involves habitually embracing it. You need to stop teeter tottering and plant your feet firmly in your purpose. If somebody else recognizes your gift externally, it’s time to step out and give it the space it deserves.

Embracing the power of self-realization is another step towards manifesting your gifts. Your external experiences serve to enlighten you about your inherent potential and capabilities. Those experiences foster the realization that you are a creator and are one with the all.

 Commanding your throne involves taking authority over your mind, embracing your property (your thoughts!) and shaping your reality.

"Every time you deny that you are creating your reality, no matter what it is,
you are denying your asset because you're denying the power of your own thoughts. It's not uncommon for others to recognize your gifts before you do, so remain open to others
your own energy"

Commanding your throne is about taking control of your bank account, your mind, and foremost – your gifts. Make no mistake, the journey of accepting and honing your gifts is challenging. The universe tests you, bringing your doubts to the forefront to see if you actually believe in yourself. But recognizing those doubts and commanding your throne can turn those tests into triumphs.

To wrap up, knowing that you are creating your reality and sitting firmly in the seat of your gifts is the key to harnessing your potential. Embrace your gifts, make room for them, and witness how your life is transformed.

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