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  • mentorship akashic record reading

    Akashic Record Reading & Activation


    Duration : Total 180 MINUTES

    At some point in everyone’s life, they need a little hand-holding. Work with me & you will realize where you are blocking your own potential.

    This mentorship package is broken down into 3 separate 1:1 one hour sessions.

    The purpose of these sessions is to decode your name, date of birth, dreams, and any experiences that you are having now which may be indicators of what’s happening internally and at a soul or cellular level.

    We will use this information to create custom affirmations and also uncover potential karmic lessons, gifts and purpose. The remainder of the sessions is for decoding other situations from the past and other names in your life that may give you directions on completing your lessons.

    Our last session together will include a game plan for working on your self-realization daily  and accessing your akashic records as often as possible.