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About Rev. Kimesha

Rev. Kimesha

Hi, I'm Rev. Kimesha and I am an Ordained Metaphysician, speaker, author, course creator and spiritual mentor. I have a passion for helping others see and activate the bossiness in themselves. With a combination of 8 years experience as a professional sales representative for USPS, 8 years of hosting retreats, and metaphysical classes for thousands of women across the nation, and over 7 years as a business owner in the spiritual mentoring industry, I now want to help other business owners understand the metaphysical energy of sales and business. Don't miss this opportunity! It's going to be mind shifting!

What people say

Rev. Kimesha is on fire! If you missed this sales workshop, you don't want to miss the next one! She is definitely not ya Grandma's pastor!
Marla Matime
Mass Media Journalist
Rev. Kimesha just taught a really deep, thorough , into the core class on sales, money (energetics) and metaphysics. That women is certainly an appointed visionary of and from the future. Many will have to follow her in order to not drown.
Sekhmet El
I done spent thousands of dollars and this event has changed my entire thinking in one day.
Nyi Manigo
Salon Owner

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Sales is a universal principle. Never feel icky about sales again!

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