Every Woman Who’s Ever Helped Others Heal, Know This ancient Spiritual Secret. you help heal others by transforming yourself.

Self Realization of a Goddess Mentorship Program

Design a Spiritual healing business that you absolutely love!

My mentorship program helps women entrepreneurs in the spiritual healing business learn how to take the most transformational pieces of their life story and turn it into an online course for others to learn. An online course is the best foundation for establishing one’s expertise. It is the corner stone for expanding one’s healing business into authorship, event hosting, in-person classes, worldwide retreats, speaking engagements, and much more.

The BIG benefit? The incredible sense of fulfillment that comes from walking in your divine purpose, helping others find their light, and leaving your signature imprint on the world.

Because I have been in your shoes, I am aware of your fears and your hesitation to put yourself out there.



self realization of a Goddess
For Bosses

This program is for you if you’ve been doing the inner work and you are ready to share your knowledge with the world. You know that you could be much further if you had some guidance on slaying the most common dragons that come with creating a spiritual career as an expert in healing the mind, body and soul.

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what's included

Here's what's inside

Immediate Lifetime Access to this self paced course

self realization Course (Value $599)

 Expect mind blowing self actualization, self confidence, and lifelong mental transformation with the Self Realization of a Goddess course.

Here’s a few of the classes within the 13 steps.

Live Monthly training For 1 Year

dragon slaying Training For Bosses
(Value $399)

Have you ever heard the phrase, “There’s a new devil for every new level”? Be prepared to receive 5 days of training and 13 weapons for slaying the dragon that is specific to entrepreneurs & course creators.

Live Monthly mentorship For 1 Year

the basics of course creation (Value $999)

Instead of spending hours upon hours researching and reading about all the ingredients necessary to successfully generate income from an online course, work with a mentor who has and is successfully doing it. You will fast forward past all the typical mistakes and give yourself a shortcut.

Wahooo!! Everybody loves a bonus, right?

It gets even better. When you sign up for Self Realization of a Goddess For Bosses, you’ll also get exclusive access to these awesome bonus offers!

mentorship akashic record reading

Bonus #1 Four Hours of 1:1 Akashic Record Activation (Value $399)

These sessions are broken down into 4 separate one hour sessions. The purpose of these sessions is to decode your name, date of birth, dreams, and which indicate potential karmic lessons in this life as well as gifts and purpose.

Features and Benefits of this bonus offer:

Bonus #2 Lifetime Access To Full Metaphysical Library (Value $199)

A library of 50+ self development videos that will help you understand yourself and how you relate to the world metaphysically.Here’s a glimpse of the subjects covered.

Features and Benefits of this bonus offer:

Bonus #3 1 Year Access To Facebook Community & Monthly Group Coaching (Value $999)

Transform your online presence with a community of like-minded professionals, daily guidance during your entrepreneurship journey, and monthly group coaching!

Features and Benefits of this bonus offer:

Bonus#4 Self Realization of a Goddess Interactive Journal + Exposing The Mysteries Within Your Name PDF + Dragon Slayers Guide Workbook (Value $21)

 3 books to compliment everything you’re learning!

Features and Benefits of this bonus offer:

testimonials from past students and mentees

what they have to say

Let another man praise thee, and not thine own mouth; a stranger, and not thine own lips. Proverbs 27:2

Through your Self Realization classes, I realized that I had a gift that I never was able to put a language to. I am constantly inspired and will always share your work.
Having Rev as my mentor was beyond what I expected. I accomplished more things in business in one month than I had in one year. The revealing of my name, birthdate and time reminded me of my purpose which helped me feel more comfortable and confident with moving forward. Rev I greatly appreciate your services and guidance. Much success to you and all who come across your path. You won’t be disappointed!!!
This was a transformation for me. Rev Kimesha has helped me recognize myself and move towards my business goals by getting out of my own way. I am apart of the dragon slayer program as well as a student of the self realization is a goddess. If you’re trying to move past stagnation and gain clarity…. You’re in the right place!

Now it’s your turn to get results…

Are you ready to help others transform their life?

This is perfect for you if...

You are a DOER! If you have the right guidance and the right tools you will start applying what you learn right away.

You love to write, speak and teach about the things that has completely transformed your life! You visualize yourself teaching a class or hosting an event. You just don't know how to organize your thoughts into a curriculim that someone else can follow.

You want to monetize your expertise in the spiritual healing niche. The spiritual healing niche, covers mind, body, and soul.

This is not for you if...

You are not committed to investing the maximum amount of available time and energy into your own success. You struggle with self-accountability. You are looking for a "quick" way to make money.

You cannot see any transformation in your own life that would inspire someone else. You will only feel CONTINUOUSLY motivated to share your transformation if it was truly created from within you.

You don't like to write, speak, or teach others using social media tools. If you absolutely hate being the center of attention, and want to keep your life completely private, an online course based on your transformation is not a good fit for you.

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Get access to everything right away, and book your first call right after payment is made.

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You will receive an email with instructions for accessing all components of the program as well as booking your first 1:1 call.

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You will have immediate access to the first step in the Self Realization of a Goddess course, the metaphysical library, & the Facebook group. Live dragon slayer and course creation classes commence monthly in the Facebook group but recordings are always available.

Get to know me

meet Rev. Kimesha

Hey Goddess!

My overall mission is for you to stand in your expertise, share your story of transformation with the world, and create the exact, desired life of freedom you dream of. 

The best way for me to help you do this is to set an example. When I began this spiritual journey, I was a Business Solutions Specialist at USPS for 8 years, and had 22 years in the post office altogether. Like most women on this path, my spiritual journey started with pain. I suffered in my love life as well as my professional life. I was exhausted from continuously attracting the same type of men. I was also tired of working a job that I knew I no longer fit. 

This led me to studying metaphysics, though I didn’t know that is what it was at the time. Studying spiritual law led to me unlocking my gift of clairaudience and word magic. I launched the BlaQ Fire Nation business in 2016 and by 2018, I quit my career with USPS to teach metaphysics full time. Finally, in 2019 I  attained my master’s degree in metaphysics and became an Ordained Metaphysical Minister. 

Since then, I have assisted 1000’s of women who have attended the 13 step Self Realization of a Goddess Tour/Online Course and Self Realization of a Goddess : Boss Edition, and Command Your Throne Business Conference.

I’ve helped women just like you face their deepest fears, wake up their true self and transform their lives indefinitely. I would love if you came and sat at the table with us!


Rev. Kimesha

Frequently asked questions

Because the nature of mentorship program is mostly knowledge based, and knowledge cannot be reversed, there is a no refund policy.

There is an option to use a monthly payment plan via Pay Pal Later but you will have to request that specific link. Email me to request the link: learning@blaqfirenation.com

The mentorship program is a good fit for those who have a sense of expertise in a topic, and they have also used this expertise to make major changes in their own life. If you have no clue how you have transformed your own life, then you may need to start with an Akashic Record Activation and/or the Self Realization of a Goddess course before attempting the full mentorship program. Click the link below to book a clarity call.

The mentorship program includes 1:1 calls, as well as on going group coaching. The mentorship program is also geared toward those who are ready to level up their bossiness and take their entrepreneurship seriously. The mentorship program focuses on slaying dragons that are SPECIFICALLY  related to business like time management, money mindset, imposter syndrome etc.  If you are still working on healing trauma in general, then the Self Realization of a Goddess course may be a better fit for you. Still feeling unsure? Book a clarity call using the link below.

You will receive 4 1:1 sessions where we will discuss not only the meaning of your name and birthday, but how to apply this super power in your business life. This activates your subconscious and increases your confidence in self. You will also receive 6 days of Dragon Slayer Training + learn how to create a signature course for passive income. I do this training monthly. The next one is 1/23- 1/28. If you can’t make it, you can simply watch the recording. You will also be invited to our general monthly coaching calls where the floor is open to discuss whatever you need help with.

As you will learn in the Self Realization of a Goddess course, you create your own reality. Therefore, this is solely up to you and how diligent you are within the program.  However, typically speaking, after being given the tools you need to start, and you actually doing the work, you should be able to recoup your investment within 6 months.

When you are an expert in something, you can attract an audience. Part of the 6 days of training is you learning how to build an audience using different tools and  marketing strategies that I have been successful with. You do not need a huge audience to get a return on your investment. You need consistency and an energy of confidence. You have to be ready to share yourself with the world.

This is an important and life changing investment. I understand if you would like more clarity before you make a final decision. Click the link below and let’s chat.

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