Womb Alchemy

Rewire Your Inner Goddess

Unravel the mysteries of womb programming. Unlock the paths that reshape your beliefs and behaviors.

The Self Realization of a Goddess course is a 13 step transformative program designed to help women reincarnate from the inside out. Through these self paced classes, you’ll gain understanding of key elements that will break you free from spiritual and religious lies. The overall result is reincarnation of self through tapping into one’s akashic records, utilizing word magic, and applying sacred laws of the womb. You’ll learn how to
  • identify negative thought patterns in one’s own mental programming
  • break through ancient self limiting beliefs which has been passed down genetically
  • reactivate your cosmic memory and realign with the Divine mother
  • create from your true potential
  • and reincarnate into a new and powerful version of yourself


What's included in these 13 classes?


Fall Season: Unlocking The Secrets Of Memory & Genetics In Healing

Crack open the secrets of your genetic code. Explore the profound connections between language, memory, and DNA. Learn how your words and thoughts shape your genetic legacy and influence future generations. Discover how emotional healing can rewrite your DNA, freeing you and your lineage from inherited patterns. Dive deep into discussions on the role of women in memory transfer and the impact of ancestral memories stored within our bodies. Join us on a journey to harness the power of your own language and memories to foster personal growth and spiritual awakening, and claim your place in reshaping your destiny. Capture the key to unlocking it all..... understanding the power of the divine feminine.


Winter Season: Overcoming Distractions & Addictions To Unveil The Inner Messiah

Next, you will enter into another phase of spiritual death, where you will be taught about the art of silence, stillness, and meditation. You will also learn how to connect with your inner messiah and decode your life. In this stillness, you will also learn how to observe and study your own spiritual body for the purpose of truly knowing yourself. Lastly, you will be transitioned into learning how what you do with this body (your sexual relationships), is a mirror and plays a key role in you understanding karma as well as manifestation overall.


Spring Season: Decoding The Sacred Law Of The Womb

Now that you have gone through the phases of dismantling your old self, we will step into the spring. You are being prepared for your new self. In this section, we learn how to let go of what is old and in the past . The power of forgiveness is at the forefront of this section. It then rolls over into teaching you how the laws of the cosmic womb work for you and how to apply them in your day to day thinking.


Summer: Welcome To Your New Self

Finally, we have reached summer. In this section we learn how to see the freedom we already have. We also learn how to set healthy boundaries for our self. At this point in the course, you will be able to clearly recognize how you have been manifesting your life's experience even before birth. You will learn how to stay on your throne and in Goddess mode. The final class is the point of self realization where you will feel empowered and confident enough to stand in your authority and use all the tools that you have been given to intentionally create the life you desire.


Bonus #1: Understanding Your Name & Natal Chart

This bonus class helps you understand your character which you birthed in this life through it's natal chart and name. This is one of the ways to begin accessing one's own akashic records.

Bonus #2: Introduction To Universal Principles of Sales + SEO Marketing Strategy To Increase Social Media Reach

Entrepreneurship is usually next step after going through the stages of Self Realization because one becomes fully aware of their potential to create their desired reality according to their own rules. This bonus class is the bridge which takes you into the beginning of your entrepreneurial journey.

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What Other Students Say

Check out testimonials from other students.

Nina Intuitive Energy Teacher

I had so many "aha" moments! So many confirmations regarding a knowing I've felt in my bones since I was a child. She offered ancient perspectives with a fresh twist. Please gift yourself with this class.

Noni Crook BlaQ Fire Nation Alumni
Noni Clothing Designer

I didn't truly make the connection between my mind, my fears and my womb until I took the Self Realization of a Goddess course.

Dominique Intuitive Coach

Through your Self Realization classes, I realized that I had a gift that I never was able to put a language to. I am constantly inspired & will always share your work,

Student Testimonial

Some love words from clients

Student Testimonial

Some love words from clients

Meet Dr. Kimesha

 Hey There!

I’m Dr. Kimesha. I am a doctor of metaphysical psychology. That’s just a fancy way fo saying I have a deep understanding of the connection between the universe, psychology and manifestation.  How did I get here? I went through my own death and rebirth several times. Once I understood the process of self realization, my life began to morph in a magical way.

When I began this spiritual journey, I was a Business Solutions Specialist at USPS for 8 years, and had 22 years in the post office altogether. Like most women on this path, my spiritual journey started with pain. I suffered in my love life as well as my professional life. I was exhausted from continuously attracting the same type of men. I was also tired of working a job that I knew I no longer fit. 

This led me to studying metaphysics, though I didn’t know that is what it was at the time. Studying spiritual law led to me unlocking my gift of clairaudience and word magic. I launched the BlaQ Fire Nation in 2016. By 2018, I quit my career with USPS to teach metaphysics full time.

Since then, I have assisted 1000’s of women through the Self Realization of a Goddess Tour/Online Course, Self Realization of a Goddess : Boss Edition, and Command Your Throne Business Conference.

I’ve helped women just like you face their deepest fears, wake up their true self and transform their lives indefinitely. I would love if you came and sat at the table with us.

Dr. Kimesha

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