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Your painful to profitable story is only one thought away.

It starts as a whisper. It’s so gentle that even though you hear it, you’re not sure it was there at all. It slowly grows into a voice and a presence that can’t be ignored. That presence is your guide. You can call it your intuition, your gut feeling, or your inner voice — but it’s always there for us, inspiring us in our transformation through life. The goal: to lead us towards self realization.

The transformation that you’re waiting for is only one thought away, and that one thought is within the whisper. Imagine yourself living your life in a way that you never thought you could.

My mission is to help you turn your pain into profit by providing unique solutions which are tailored to you understanding your own adversity, life lessons, and concept of self.

A business/metaphysical mentorship program that provides guidance for women entrepreneurs who would like to speak, teach & travel for a living. You’ll transform the most impactful parts of your life journey and craft them into opportunities for getting paid to speak. It’s the metamorphosis from speaking in your expertise for free to the evolution of a paid & traveling speaker, author, digital course creator and beyond.

The Self Realization of a Goddess course is an online empowerment school for women who are ready to go through the mental process of spiritual maturity. This course is for the woman who desires to see their whole self, radically love their entire life’s experiences and create the life they truly desire from this point on. Self Realization is where healing begins and jumpstarts your journey into entrepreneurship.

Would you love to have a deeper understanding of the world within you and around you? Would you like to access to information that could help transform you in all aspects of life? Accessing your Akashic Records of your name could be just the thing you need to step into your most authentic power and manifest your true potential.

Have you been feeling stuck lately? Maybe you’ve been trying to get past mental blockages but haven’t had any luck. Get personalized guidance from an experienced metaphysician who can understand your goals and provide actionable, energetic advice that will help you reach them.

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Access the full metaphysical library of 50+ classes to help you navigate through the metaphysics of self using the Bible plus other tools.

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Hey There Friend!

Are you ready to reach new heights and stop living an ordinary life ? You might want to learn from someone who has completely transformed from a corporate U.S.P.S. Business Specialist into an  Ordained Metaphysician.

I have been teaching & counseling in the field of metaphysical healing since 2015 when I discovered my gift of claireaudience and word magic.  With these gifts, I was able to access my own akashic records and share what I came to give the world. I realized that my name had a deep meaning and that it was in alignment with the gifts I had uncovered in my life. This is where I started to learn about akashic records through dreams and decoding.

I’ve helped thousands  of people discover their uniqueness and transform their mind through understanding words, letters, and numbers. My main mission as a metaphysician is to use knowledge of universal principles to guide you in the remembering of the inner goddess. I would love to help you transcend ordinary.

~Not Ya Grandma’s Pastor~

Rev. Kimesha


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How Our Programs Impact Lives

Our services cover 1:1 mentoring, live weekly classes, as well as a pre-recorded transformation program. Here's what students have to say.

Noni Crook BlaQ Fire Nation Alumni
Noni Clothing Designer

I didn't truly make the connection between my mind, my fears and my womb until I took the Self Realization of a Goddess course.

Shetara Womb Wellness Expert

This was a transformation for me. Rev Kimesha has helped me recognize myself and move towards my business goals by getting out of my own way. I am apart of the dragon slayer program as well as a student of the self realization is a goddess. If you’re trying to move past stagnation and gain clarity…. You’re in the right place!

Gina Owner of Vegan With Curves

If you haven't taken the Self Realization of a Goddess Course you are missing out. If you are ready for major shifts, do yourself a favor and take this course. This information is deep and will change your life.

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