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How does one go from a Business Solutions Specialist with the U.S.P.S. to a nationally known speaker and a professional Metaphysician?

Most stories begin with pain and mine is no different. Sometime around 2012, I found myself hurt and confused due to yet another break-up. I felt devalued, unwanted, and rejected. My best friend of over 20 years wanted to get me out of the house. So, she asked me if I wanted to get a drink.

On our way, we just happened to drive by a psychic palm reader office. My girlfriend asked me if I ever had my palm read. I had not. I thought it would be something different and fun, so I obliged. My life totally transformed from that day forward. The palm reader told me that I was a teacher and that I needed to seek God. She told me a lot of things about my life that were spot on accurate. From here, I went back to church and began to read the Bible, but this time I understood it different. Between my newly discovered gift of word magic and claireaudience, I rediscovered God and myself.

I started to share what I was learning online and developed a tribe that supported me. I created the Self Realization of a Goddess signature course, traveled and spoke nationally and internationally,  and authored 2 books about the path of Self Realization. I’ve helped thousands of women as I traveled and taught metaphysics.

But this was only the beginning…..

Rev BlaQ Fire Alumni Kimesha

Recreate Your Life By Changing Your Language

 Hey Friend!

I am a professional metaphysician but I am mostly known on all social media platforms as Rev. BlaQ Fire, the word magician. I specialize in coaching others to see the magic of words and using them to transform their life. I am also an expert in tapping into one’s own akashic records to empower one’s life.

Over the past several years, I have worked with thousands of women helping them make drastic life changes in their mindset through the power of language. Some of these women, go on to become part of the BlaQ Fire Nation Alumni tribe.

The alumni tribe take a vow to know themselves, love themselves, and totally hold themselves accountable for the life that they are creating. These women dedicate their life to being sovereign over their minds. They get to network, collaborate with each other, and develop intimate relationships with women like themselves.

The result: realizing your goddess potential, walking in it, and living in it.

Rev. Kimesha

My ultimate goal was always to change the nation by empowering the minds of women.

Imagine a nation of women who sit comfortably on their throne knowing that they are creators, bosses, and just are overall etherically living beyond an ordinary life.

In 2018, I  was fully immersed in metaphysics and was led via a dream to fully pursue a career as a Metaphysical Minister where I could help others shift their mindset and live a life of freedom. At that time, I resigned from my 22-year career at USPS and literally followed my dream. I later went on to receive my Master’s degree and became an Ordained Metaphysician in 2019.

But behind this story of accomplishment is a backstory that is very much relatable to many women. From childhood, I faced and conquered many forms of adversarial situations such as childhood abandonment, teenage pregnancy, and several years of domestic violence.

Because I found a way to use my voice and my story to shift the minds of other women just like me, I have a passion for assisting  women who want to get to the other side of their story, the side of victory.

If you’re ready to turn pain into profit, then you have definitely found your people.

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